Primal Labs Smash-It Nutrient Infused Low Carb Protein Powder for Weight Loss, Keto Meal Replacement Shake Powder, Gluten-Free Whey Protein Powder, Delicious Chocolate Flavor, 780 Grams

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protein powder, whey protein, protein, whey protein powder, optimum nutritionprotein powder, whey protein, protein, whey protein powder, optimum nutrition

The Slimming Meal Supplement Shake For Weight Loss

The biggest problem with meal supplement shakes is the lack of nutritional value. Usually, they’re nothing more than filler to keep you from eating, which typically doesn’t boost metabolism. Furthermore, they don’t support the weight loss that most are looking for, beyond keeping us feeling full. In other words, those “weight loss” shakes are incomplete. There are no supporting fat-burning ingredients to not only supplement a meal, but also break down existing fat.

This is where Primal Labs saw the need to formulate a weight loss meal supplement shake that contains nutrients needed to boost metabolism & drain fat cells to give you the extra push in your weight loss journey, making you feel great too! Smash-It! is the new, rich chocolate meal supplement shake for weight loss. Use Smash-It! Chocolate as a meal supplement, but also as a way to effectively lose the weight. Our perfectly formulated Smash-It! Chocolate slimming shake tastes like a creamy milkshake, with none of the guilt! Try it for yourself, today!

premium ingredients

premium ingredients

l leucine l-leucine lleucine luecine

l leucine l-leucine lleucine luecine

MCT oil coconut oil

MCT oil coconut oil



QuadSource Protein Blend: Satisfy Hunger & Stop Sugar Cravings

Enjoy 25 grams of protein from a potent combination of 4 plant and animal proteins. This unique, trademarked blend satisfies hunger, breaks dependence on sugar, and even eases inflammation. Plus, it helps you feel full, supports heart health, and boosts lean muscle mass and strength.

L-Leucine: Lose the Weight, Keep the Muscle!

We lose up to 8% of our lean muscle every decade after age 30. That’s why Smash-It! contains L-Leucine. L-Leucine stimulates muscle mass growth better than any other amino acid. Not only that, it helps you maintain the lean muscle that commonly disappears with weight loss. So, L-Leucine gives you the best of both worlds!

MCT (Coconut) Oil: Feel Full While Burning Fat

This ingredient, found in nature, is the ultimate metabolism-booster. Some of the fatty acids in coconut oil are khown to break up visceral fat, specially the kind that collects in the belly.

Spectra Blend: A Flexible Way to a Flatter Belly

Smash-It! is a nice addition to nearly any diet imaginable. That’s because it’s chock-full of nutrients, including the 29 antioxidants in the clinically-supported trademarked Spectra Blend, has minimal carbs, and is packed with four different types of protein essential to weight loss programs.

cocoa powder whey powder protein powder weight losscocoa powder whey powder protein powder weight loss

Why Is Smash It! Chocolate Slimming Shake So Delicious?

First, because it’s made with cocoa powder. Studies show several compounds in cocoa powder control how our hormones communicate with our brain. And in this case, cocoa powder helps our hormones tell our brain we are full and satisfied.

Second, each serving of Smash-It! contains just 2 grams of sugar. And it’s all thanks to the natural plant-based sweetener, monk fruit. Monk fruit doesn’t spike blood sugar levels. Plus, it leaves no aftertaste like other popular, natural sweeteners tend to do.

Third, there are only 200 calories in every tasty serving. Yet many meal supplement shakes are between 300 and 400 calories. Plus, Smash-It! only has 8 grams of net carbs per serving.

Smash-It! tastes great with your favorite healthy drink (adding an unsweetened milk like almond or coconut really satisfies cravings!) But it even mixes well and tastes just as chocolatey in water. It’s a flexible way to get a flatter belly.

And that’s not all: You can also enjoy Smash-It! in your coffee and tea too. Reach out to us through email if you are interested in trying your new Smash-It! Chocolate in our original & nutritional shake recipes – it’s the meal replacement you’ve been waiting for!

weight loss skinny fitweight loss skinny fit

Banish Belly Bloat!

Smash-It does even more to flatten the belly. With the 6 different healthy bacteria strains in the Probiotic Blend, and additional prebiotics to strengthen them, you get faster relief from bloating, gas, and even brain fog. The Enzyme Blend has several digestive enzymes that also relieve feelings of bloat and digestive discomfort & improve digestion

Just add 2 scoops of Smash-It! to your favorite healthy beverage. Then blend for 30 seconds. Result? A creamy, dreamy protein shake for weight loss. It’s simple and it’s delicious!

This nutrient-infused slimming shake banishes cravings, improves digestion, soothes inflammation and boosts metabolism.

It’s the complete meal supplement shake for weight loss. Why not try Smash-It! today? You’ll get the meal supplement you want, and enjoy the nutrients missing from most other protein shakes. Take it from us and SMASH those unwanted pounds by crushing cravings, replacing heavy meals, and dissolving stubborn fat cells.

mission premium natural ingredientsmission premium natural ingredients

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.

Workout Supplements for Men and Women; this gold standard whey protein is the perfect addition to your new diet; this low calorie shake is the best sports nutrition supplement to help you recover from that tough workout
Low Carb Protein Powder; grass fed whey protein with 35 different essential amino energy, vitamins, and minerals; 21 g of protein supplement per serving with only 12 g net carbs; our special whey isolate formula is the optimum nutrition you have been searching for
Weight Loss Protein Powder; if you’re trying to lose weight, ditch the fat burners for women and try a SmashIt slimming protein shake; our optimum nutrition whey protein is non-GMO with less than 2 g of sugar per serving to give our customers one of the only pure protein powder on the market
Minimize Lean Muscle Loss with this protein shake powder; a healthy way to shed pounds without using the risky weight loss pills for women; feel fuller and give yourself an appetite suppressant for women and men with this metabolism booster from Primal Labs

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